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A medical-legal report is a report written by a doctor regarding a patient who is indulged in battery cases that involves injury to a person, diseases, or medical negligence. A team of medical experts hires a doctor to conduct this report in cases where individuals seek damages for injury in legal cases. The medical-legal reports are of great importance when dealing with criminal cases are they are examined by legal officials as evidence in the court of law. This is a piece of evidence for an individual to support a claim in the court of law

Our organization consists of a highly qualified staff among which are medical experts capable of writing medical-legal reports. Our vast network enables us to provide the demanded services regardless of locations and situations. We initiate the procedure of writing the medical-legal report upon the request of our customers and, our panel of experts begins to examine the patient. We follow a set of rules and regulations that comply with the requirements of civil procedures rules.

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Furthermore, we will begin writing the medical-legal report once we are aware that the patient has permitted you to carry out the medical report. We will only release the data when we have ensured that the patient has permitted us to do so. We will ensure complete honesty and perfection in our work. We promise to provide the information within the stated time frame and provide information in factual biases only to enhance authenticity.

A medical-legal assessment acts as a legal document that supports the actuality of a medical problem that one claims to have. We carry out the medical assessment with the aid of our medical experts. It includes information on how an accident affected the patient emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our procedure involves a complete diagnosis and prognosis of the patient. Our medical experts also indicate whether the injuries sustained were a result of the accident. It also outlines how the injuries or diseases affect the daily life of the patient.

In addition to that, our medical experts highlight the disabilities and the difficulties that the patient may face as a result of the injuries endured in the accident. The assessment is carried out by conducting several tests and via close examination of the physical and mental status of the patient. In this way, we can legally assist you with what you require from us.

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