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Anxiety disorders are a combination of feelings of anxiousness and nervousness coupled with excessive fear. They are the most common mental disorder and affect almost 30 % of adults at some point in their lives. Fortunately, anxiety disorders are treatable by conducting anxiety assessment by a psychologist. Go Pysch's Psychologists have treated thousands of patients and helped them lead a normal and productive life.

Causes of anxiety:

According to our anxiety psychological assessment, the following are causes of anxiety:

• Stress at work
• Stress in personal relations including marriage
• Stress at home
• Financial stress
• Medical side effects
• Substance abuse (marijuana or cocaine)
• Symptoms of medical illness (heart stroke or heart attack)
• Lack of oxygen circulation in the body

Symptoms of anxiety:

Go Psych's anxiety psychologists say that the following are the symptoms of anxiety:

• Increase in heartbeat
• Having difficulty in breathing
• Poor concentration
• Altered appetite
• Feelings of dread and panic
• Disturbed sleeping patterns
• Racing thoughts and irritation

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Go Psych anxiety psychologist provides an in-depth step-by-step plan for treating anxiety. It consists of multiple anxiety psychologist tests and anxiety psychologist assessments. The treatments include several anxiety assessments and each test is followed by an anxiety psychologist report.

First our anxiety psychologist will conduct a general interview with the patient. The assessment / test will provide a basic understanding of the level of anxiety disorder. Furthermore, our highly skilled anxiety psychologist will conduct an anxiety psychologist assessment through a series of questions. The questions are prepared by our senior anxiety psychologist to provide detailed insight into the cause of the anxiety.
The assessment consists of the following questions:

1. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
2. Do you worry a lot about the simplest things?
3. Do you have accelerated heartbeats while sitting idle?
4. Do stress out a lot on the smallest things?
5. Do you think you’ve become short-tempered?
6. Do you feel depressed without any genuine reason?

These anxiety psychologist reports are then forwarded to our anxiety psychologists. After the anxiety psychological assessments, our medical experts will provide a treatment plan. The treatment plan would include diet plans and a daily routine calendar. The patient must follow the advice provided by our anxiety psychologist for a rapid recovery from anxiety. Furthermore, our anxiety psychologists believe that of families provide a pivotal role in treating anxiety thus close family members are also given some tips.

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