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Risk / Danger Assessment And Medical Legal Report

Employers have to protect their workers from stress or overload of work by performing a risk assessment. The risk assessment should not be verbal. It should be written down on an official paper. Any paperwork produced can help communicate and eradicate risk in any business. It does not require a full fledge exercise. Writing down the significant risks on paper will do the job.

Moreover, risk assessment is carried out in areas where employers feel the workers may experience an increase in anxiety, depression, or primary and secondary trauma. Any dangerousness felt by the employer should be pointed and a possible alternate should be located. Risk reports in the UK have to be approved by the government before a project is initiated.

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Moreover, a risk assessment will identify any mental stress experienced by workers at the workplace. Mental stress includes all types of negative effects. Some of them are bullying, extreme workload, and fear of heights, anxiety, and even mental effects due to harassment at the workplace. All these elements are identified by efficient psychological risk assessments.

Performing a risk assessment:

Go Psych psychologists will carry out the best risk assessment in the whole of the UK. We have extremely skillful and experienced risk assessment psychologists. They have made workplaces bearable and comfortable for many workers. Moreover, risk assessment psychologists have also been praised by many industries. Our psychologist keeps six points in mind before starting a risk assessment. These six points are:

• Demands
• Control
• Support
• Relationships
• Role
• Change.

If our risk assessment psychologist feels any of these points are missing, they will inform the employer on time. If all these are missing, it can lead to poor physical and psychological health. Moreover, it can reduce productivity and lead to an increase in sickness absence.

Go Psych risk assessment psychologists carry out the following five steps in a risk assessment:

• Step1: Identify the problems faced by the worker. Identification can be carried out by analyzing existing data and surveys conducted by the employer.
• Step2: carefully evaluating the risk identified in the worker.
• Step3: connect the problems to possible solutions. A list of all solutions suitable to the worker will be presented to the employer in the form of risk reports. Moreover, employers are requested to provide feedback on the possible solutions and address individual concerns.
• Step4: provide an action plan for the worker to implement.
• Step5: providing help in understanding the risk assessment plan. Proper surveillance to ensure the action plan is working and risks are controlled.

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