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Learning Disabilities Assessment By Top Psychologist

Learning disabilities are diagnosed in children at the age of seven or eight. However, they can be identified when a child is two years old. Learning disabilities are caused due to genetics or neurobiological reasons. They alter brain functions leading to a change in cognitive processes. These processes can affect basic learning skills such as reading and writing. However, according to our learning disabilities assessment by psychologists, it is fully treatable. Currently, there are five types of learning disabilities discovered by learning disabilities psychologists. They are the following:

• Dyslexia
• Dysgraphia
• Non-verbal learning abilities
• Written and oral language disorder
• Dyscalculia ( person ability to understand numbers )

Causes for Learning Disabilities:

Go Psych's learning disability psychologists believe that the following are the reasons why learning disabilities occur:

• Lack of oxygen to brain after birth
• Mother becoming sick while pregnant
• Other illnesses such as meningitis
• Any injury leading to decreased brain functionality
• Having down syndrome
• Having autism and epilepsy
• Having cerebral palsy

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Our clinic provides top-of-the-class learning disabilities assessment by psychologists. These psychologists will guide the patient through every step and help them in gaining back their thinking power. The treatment plan is divided into three steps. The first step includes learning disabilities psychologist assessments to identify the problems with the patient. The second step includes a deep analysis of learning disability reports. The third step comprises more learning disabilities psychologist tests.

The step-wise stages allow our experienced psychologist to assess learning disabilities and to track their improvement and treat them accordingly. The learning disabilities assessment is carried out various times during the procedures. It involves multiple interviews by our extremely professional and skilled learning disabilities psychologist. Along with interviews, written learning disabilities psychologist tests are conducted. These tests include questions related to daily life. These learning disabilities psychologist tests allow our medical experts to determine the thinking capacity of the patient.

Clinical visits are not compulsory every time, but Go Psych recommend face-to-face interaction with our learning disability psychologists for quicker results. We also provide online services. We provide multiple timings and options for our customers online. Online appointments allow people to book a learning disability psychologist of their choice. Furthermore, our clinic also provides online learning disability tests and learning disability assessments. The learning disability tests and learning disability assessments can be taken by patients at home. The learning disability psychologist's reports would be sent to our medical experts, and any comments made on those reports are emailed to the patient's guardians.

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