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Civil and Personal Injury Psychologist Assessments

Today, psychologist plays an important role in numerous fields of life. Besides dealing with everyday psychological issues of people, psychologists are also required to lend their expertise to civil matters. Gone is the times when you had to specifically look for a civil and personal injury psychologist to deal with these critical psychological issues. But, no more from now. Go Psych has a team of expert civil and personal injury psychologists to deal with issues like medical malpractice, guardianship issues, sexual harassment or assault cases, liability issues, etc. Considering the severity of the patient's psychological state, we prefer having a clear, calm, and detailed consultation to determine the validity of their claims.

Our initial assessment also includes having a careful read of the patient’s civil and personal injury report and then moving on to the next stage.

Our excellent expertise and credibility in dealing with civil matters makes us the obvious choice. Go Psych assists its experts by providing an online portal for live rate communication between all parties giving a streamlined and efficient civil and personal injury assessments to be booked that assist in identifying the patient's psyche. Our online booking portal connects experts and clients, directly. Once an appointment has been booked at a convenient location offered nationwide. We begin by taking the patient's verbal statements, we try to understand the psychological state before and after the injury, With that, we also gain in-depth insights on the patient's psychological history, any past medical treatments and if any further events occurred between last and current medical issue or index accident that could have impacted the client further. This allows to conclude a comprehensive final CPR compliant report which gives an accurate prognosis and recommending any necessary further treatment. Every decision we take is based on scan able, legitimate, and applicable civil and personal injury evidence collated, which in turn provides CPR

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What makes Go Psych credible?

Go Psych has a remarkable history of dealing with every personal, marital, academic, family, legal civil psychological issues with its true excellence and diverse expertise. Our reports of the civil and personal injury psychologist assessments are CE/CPD credited and can be used anywhere as legitimate proof for the patient's psychological state. Unlike traditional therapeutic assessments, our complete treatment procedure includes various forensic, projective, and objective assessments. Also, every treatment we choose compliances completely with the patient's suitable condition, differences, individual behaviours, perceptions, etc.

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Our service includes not only one-time psychologists' appointments but also ongoing mental health treatments depending on the patient's condition. We truly understand the patient's privacy and offer various mediums to convey their problems, ask questions, and receive comprehensive, clear solutions. You may call us on 0330 010 0160 or leave an email at Personal injuries can severely impact a person's psychological state, and talking about them is not easy. That's why we ensure that the patient is comfortable, calm, and open to share its honest views, opinion, and injury incident to make the whole treatment smooth.

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